What is Design ?

Designing represents an esthetic expression of an inspiration and the various elements that represent the design direction . Understanding of Design is very important for Housekeepers . Let us look at the various elements of design ! Some elements Forms mass texture’s volume & space . What are factors that influence Design ! Location ,local culture ,client base & Design direction . Knowledge of materials and surfaces is very important like walls flooring ceiling and also all elements of FF&E ( Furniture Fixtures & Equipment  ) Design needs to be innovative but a very important aspect is Design Functionality. Knowledge on the above helps us understand Design and materials and surfaces which enable us to specify fit for purpose applications . Do research in your respective areas and update yourself with the materials their technical specifications and also care and maintenance. Following some tips as mentioned you will be able to manage the areas and upkeep to preserve the same for a long duration . I always believe that Housekeepers are Design Managers
Name: Dr Madhu Chandhok
Designation: founding Partner pip2020 PHA Honorary advisory board member
Visiting faculty : OCLD & ISH