Latest Trends in FM at Airports

Despite these hurdles, we honor ourselves on delivering world-class services to our passengers. We believe that the key to maintaining this standard is through continuous training and development of our service providers. However, communication barriers due to language and knowledge gaps can impede our efforts to connect with passengers from diverse regions.

To bridge this gap, we’ve taken a multi-faceted approach to feedback management:

Initial Steps:

Step 1 : We started by listing communication channels on the back of staff ID cards. This simple yet effective tool enables our staff to guide passengers wishing to provide feedback.

Technological Integration:

Step 2 : We integrated communication channels with a QR code that consolidates all digital feedback platforms. This innovation allows passengers to easily give feedback via their smartphones.

The Final Solution:

Our latest project is a hybrid of biometric and feedback management systems. This ongoing process involves installing biometric devices and display monitors in restrooms. The system is designed to capture digital feedback on our services and facility maintenance directly from passengers.

When staff log in at a specific location, their photo and a QR code appear on the screen, inviting passengers to scan and submit their feedback. This system has revolutionized our feedback process, yielding an average of 10,000 responses per month. It’s a testament to our commitment to improvement and passenger satisfaction.

As we continue to refine our feedback management system, we remain dedicated to overcome obstacles and enhance the travel experience for every passenger who walks through our airport. We hope this blog encapsulates your journey and the innovative steps you’ve taken in feedback management.

A brief description on the ongoing project Of integrated biometric attendance and feedback management System

The system is a comprehensive real time cloud-based Feedback & Attendance management system with a palm/ finger and face recognition facility to capture deployment data of LSS vendor partners to mark the attendance and also to manage passenger feedbacks in a more effective way. 

The intended end-to-end biometric solution comprise of palm / finger and face scanning facility to monitor real time attendance and deployment of the employees. This we intend to utilise for deployment sheet for monthly billing file. 

The digital feedback system is a versatile tool to collect feedback from the passengers and helps to improve the services by monitoring the timely actions. It can capture customer feedback in a very quick and simple manner. 

A touchless 15.6 inches device displayed at a convenient place where it is visible to the passengers with details of the designated employee responsible to maintain the area and  also a QR Code, enables them to rate the passenger experience and share their suggestions by scanning it with their own mobile phones.  

The system also provides a detailed report on real-time customer feedback to enhance the quality of standards and passenger experience.

Process flow is as follows:

  • Staff reporting to the respective shift will punch in the designated biometric device to mark their attendance and move for deployment.
  • Service providers executive will do the deployment of manpower and upload the deployment sheet details to the application.
  • System will verify the punch in and deployment data. Simultaneously, it will push the data to the server.
  • All restrooms will be equipped with 15.6 inch non touch display to project the employee photo which will be fetched from the server for respective restroom.
  • The display at restroom with have QR codes screen, user shall scan it and fill the feedback form while being on the move. At backend, Feedbacks and Punch in logs will be stored in the cloud. It can be accessed at any time by authorised team member from BIAL.