“We achieve much more when we collaborate rather than compete”

Given the typical stage of their life, most students are constantly wanting to explore new spaces and seek thrilling experiences. The PHA fraternity very humbly offers a more collaborative engagement for students from various institutions while enriching the hospitality landscape in India.

The fuel to great ideas and interactions along with bringing people together from a good deal of distinct grades is simply food, more than anything else does. All great beginnings kickoff at the bistro and this is so concordant with the dawn of PHA.

The camaraderie began 5 years ago when Ms. Bharti Kalappa initiated her friends from the industry to catch up over food at Shiro, UB City since they decided to unite to form a Housekeepers group. Ms. Bindu Neel, GM of The Paul Hotel invited interested housekeepers for a meeting. Ms. Jayashree Nagaraj motivated the group to form an association called Southern Housekeepers Club. Another meeting was conducted at the Chancery Pavilion and the Board members elected were Ms. Bharti Kalappa, Mr. Rakshith, Mr. Kiran, Mr. Rudra, Ms. Jayashree Nagaraj and Ms. Asha.

Ms.Jayashree Nagaraj the then president, launched SHC on the 11th October 2012. After a successful completion of 3 years, numerous well-wishers including The Karnataka Govt. appreciated the vision and mission of the club and motivated us to form our own association at the National level. Under the leadership of Ms.Jayashree Nagaraj, the National Level Association called PHA (Professional Housekeepers Association) came into being on the 21st May 2015. Ms.Bhavana Alvares was elected the President and Ms. Jayashree Nagaraj became the Founder President and Chairperson. Together they pioneered loads of commendable activities like conducting workshops, training programs, making SOPs etc. This association has been recognised by the industry, proof of which is obvious as we now have Executives from all the best brands of Hotels, Facility management companies, Healthcare and other Housekeeping entrepreneurs.



Professional Housekeepers Association (PHA)Yuva was formally launched at a grand event on the 9th September 2017  at PES University. It was founded under the guidance and leadership of Ms.Jayashree Nagaraj (currently the Founder President & Chairman of PHA), along with a group of like-minded enthusiastic professional housekeepers in Bangalore.
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As the name desigates, is an offshot of PHA constituted as a formal platform for the youth aspiring to be a part of the hospitality industry in the core area of housekeeping.PHA Yuva is for the students, by the students, mentored proficiently by the Executive Committee and the PHA Karnataka Chapter members.

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Current National Executive Committee Members

Founder President & Chairperson
Mrs Jayashree Nagaraj Founder President & Chairperson
Mrs Asha Prem Kumar National Vice President
Mrs. Bharati Kalappa Founder Secretary
Mr. Nishant Saxena National Joint Secretary
Mr. Vinod Kumar Executive Member, Vendors Management
Ms. Elizabeth Ngoruh Executive Member PR/Media
Suchitra Naidu South Head
Mr. Thomas Mathew Executive Member L & D
Mr. Ashok National Treasurer

Previous National Executive Committee Members


May 2015-May 2018

 Position                 Names
      Founder President and chair person        Jayashree Nagaraj
     Founder Member and vice president        Bharti Kalappa
     Founder Member and vice president        Finianne Braganza
      Treasurer       Bharathi Kamath
     Member       Bhavana Alvares
     Member       Bindu Neelakantan
     Member        Sunitha Srinivasan
     Member        Rajani Ghatage